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title: Prosidy README

#image[uri='', desc='Build Status']

Prosidy is a small language for writing documents.

Like #link[uri='']{Markdown},
Prosidy's syntax is lightweight; it doesn't get in the way of your text.

Like #link[uri='']{XML},
Prosidy is extensible: it doesn't make any assumptions about your content.
You'll never have to fight to make your data fit a structure that wasn't designed for it.

recipe: A simple roux
In a #ware{medium saucepan},
heat #ingredient[amount='25', unit='g']{oil}
until dropping a pinch of flour into the oil causes it to bubble.

#ware{Whisk} #ingredient[amount='25', unit='g']{flour}
into the oil until the roux is the desired color.

All of the code here is under #b{heavy} development;
be careful before using it for anything critical!

That said, feedback is more than welcome!
Reach me at #link[uri='']{}.

#-h{Developing Prosidy}
This project sets up an environment using direnv and Nix.
We'd recommend you have both installed before building,
although it may work without both.